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6:21 AM - Legal analysis of the Zimmerman verdict with Mike Allen, a former prosecutor and currently a defense attorney.           

6:41 AM - Forbidding the feds from withholding money from programs whose participants engage in VOLUNTARY religious activity.

7:21 AM - Florida reaction to the not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman with Wendi Grossman, reporter with Clear Channel Media in Miami.

7:30 AM  - Live, the announcement of the line-up for September's 3rd annual iHeart Music Festival in Las Vegas. 

7:41 AM - Have you checked the price at the pump lately.  Prices are headed up, again.  How high will it go?  Don Redman with AAA of Louisiana checks-in.

8:21 AM - Washington pressure on the Florida court that tried George Zimmerman.  Our guest is Rick Sanchez, Afternoon Drive Host with News Radio 610 WIOD in Miami and former CNN reporter/anchor.

8:41 AM - How can you help the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank this summer? We talk with it's President and CEO Mike Manning.