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6:21 AM - Do you drive a pick-up? A new seat belt campaign is targeting you. Why does the safety commission feel it's needed? Guest: Lt. Col. John LeBlanc with the Highway Safety Commission.


6:41 AM - More employers are planning to hire new college grads. What can your kids do to set themselves apart? Guest: Communications expert Gail Goodman.


7:21 AM - Are speed cameras about to be banned from interstate highways? State Rep. Mike Danahay comments on his bill.


7:41 AM - You can help Louisiana veterans at Sunday's Smoke 'Em if You Got 'Em event at Bin 77 in Perkins Rowe. Guests: Kristen Carmouche, Executive Director of Warriors for Freedom and Kelli Rodriguez with Clay Young Enterprises.


8:21 AM - A new report on the missing Malaysian jet has been released. What's in it? We go live to London and Fox News Radio's Simon Owen.


8:41 AM - Perfect weather for Live After 5 and we'll be there. Alicia Baron, Managing Director, Downtown Business Assn. has a preview.