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6:21 AM - A legislative bill would classify cigarette butts as litter. Our guest is the bill's author State Rep. Patrick Connick.


6:41 AM - CBS' "48 Hours" to concentrate on an Angola inmate who may not have committed the murder for which he was convicted. Exec. Producer Susan Zirinsky comments on the case of Damon Thibodeaux, in prison for the murder of Crystal Champagne in 1996.


7:21 AM - A recap of last Thursday night's Sweet 16 games, and a preview of Friday night's games with Richard Condon.


7:41 AM - McDonald's workers at LSU have been, allegedly, stealing from students. LSU Police Capt. Corey LaLonde explains the scam.


8:21 AM - Is your car engine damaged from bad Exxon gas? Comments from Louis Altazan, owner of Agco Automotive, and co-host of "The Agco Automotive Show" heard Saturday mornings at 10:04 on NewsRadio 1150 WJBO.


8:41 AM - Live to London with an update on the search for the missing jet from Fox News Radio's Simon Owen.