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6:11 AM - The powers-that-be at the Boy Scouts, meeting in Texas, should have decision today on whether, or not to allow gays into the organization.  We get an update from Fox News Radio's Courtney Kealy.        

6:41 AM - The EBR School Board is set to vote later this month, on proposed changes to local schools.  What is it all about?  Our guest is Susan Nelson, Executive Director for Communication and External Affairs for the EBR School System.

7:11 AM - More than a billion dollars is owed in unpaid child support payments in Louisiana and now the state is going after new money sources like casino payments, tax refunds and others.  We talk with Trey Williams, Communications Director with the Louisiana Dept. of Children and Family Services.

7:41 AM - Major newspapers' websites are hacked and passwords and other data is stolen.  Is a "cyber-Pearl Harbor" imminent?  We talk with Shelly Palmer, host of Fox TV's monthly show "Shelly Palmer Digital Living".

8:11 AM - An update on the trial of George Zimmerman, accused of the Florida murder of Trayvon Martin.  Comments from Fox News Radio's Eben Brown.

8:41 AM - February is Heart Month and smokers are being urged to kick the habit.  Our guest is Mike Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of Smoking Cessation Trust Management Services.