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6:11 AM - Richard Condon joins us to talk about the Tigers in the CWS.       

6:41 AM - New video streaming services for EBR government.  What does it mean for you?  Our guest is Eric Romero, Interim Director of Information Services for the City of Baton Rouge.

7:11 AM - Well over a year since the shooting in Florida, the trial of George Zimmerman is set to begin.  We check-in with Rory O'Neill, reporter with I Heart Clear Channel 24/7 News.

7:41 AM - Are couples who meet online happier than others?  What are the pros and cons?  Comments from relationship expert Jennifer Styers.

8:11 AM - The legislature fails to pass required changes to the driver's license so will you need a passport to fly out of Metro Airport?

8:41 AM - Solve a crime with our weekly Crime Stoppers report.  Our guest is BRPD Sgt. Don Stone.