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6:11 AM - The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine is kicking-off the public phase of it's ABC (Above & Beyond Capital) Challenge.  How can you help?  Our guest is LSU Public Relations Coordinator Ginger Guttner.       

6:41 AM - Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy comments on Governor Jindal's tax reform proposals.

7:11 AM - The future of the GOP from the President of the National Federation of Republican Women, Rae Lynne Chornenky.

7:41 AM - Time to fill out your brackets for the college basketball tournaments.  Our guest is BJ Schecter from Sports Illustrated.

8:11 AM - Bossier Schools are using palm scanners in school lunch rooms. Spokesperson Sonja Bailes talks with Kevin & Karen.

8:41 AM - Our weekly Baton Rouge Crime Stoppers report with Don Stone.