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6:11 AM - Suspects taken into custody in the Mother's Day parade shootings in NOLA.  We talk with Jim Fisher, Program Director of Rush Radio 99.5 WRNO in New Orleans.         

6:41 AM - How the Livingston Parish DARE program is helping to protect kids. Our guest is Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard.

7:11 AM - 8 mothers of truant school kids arrested this week.  How bad is the truancy problem in EBR?  Comments from Roxson Welch, Director of the Family & Youth Service for East Baton Rouge Parish.

7:41 AM - Congressman Cassidy wants to know the details of the IRS investigations into the Louisiana Tea Party and other conservative groups. Our guest is US Rep. Dr. Bill Cassidy (R-La Dist. 6)

8:11 AM - The NTSB is urging states to adopt a .05 legal limit for drunk driving.  Is it a good idea?  We talk with an addiction expert who has dealt with many DUI cases, Delaine Faris.

8:41 AM - The Mulligan Brothers are the featured band at Live After Five on Friday afternoon, 5-8.  Kevin & Karen will be there!  Our guest is Downtown Business Assn. Managing Director Alicia Baron.