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6:11 AM - According to a new study Louisiana has the highest rate of gun violence in the USA but not everyone agrees. Our guest is State Rep. Jeff Thompson (R-Bossier City).   

6:41 AM - A heroin bust in Ascension.  Just how bad is the drug problem there?  Comments from Major Kevin Hannah with the Ascension Sheriff's Office. 

7:11 AM - LSU's head basketball coach Johnny Jones on who he thinks will make win the NCAA tournament.

7:41 AM - The story behind a flash mob at the EBR School Board office.  Our guest is Khadijah Thompson, organizer with Stand for Children Baton Rouge.

8:11 AM - Do you know someone with a compulsive gambling problem?  What are the signs?  Our guest is Matricia Green, Compulsive Gambling Counselor for the Capital Area.

8:41 AM - Getting set for tonight's first Live After Five of the season with Alicia Baron, Managing Director of the Downtown Business Assn..