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6:11 AM - Southern University is trying to increase it's student body by identifying those who are the "best fit" for the campus.  Our guest is Albert Tezeno, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Success.      

6:41 AM - More course choices means more opportunities for Louisiana students.  We talk with La. Supt. of Education John White.

7:11 AM - Even though he says it is not written in stone, Governor Jindal is out with his tax reform plan.  Pros and cons from Barry Erwin, President and CEO of the Council for a Better Louisiana (CABL).

7:41 AM - Federal budget cuts mean, among other things, a strain on food banks. We talk with Mike Manning, President and CEO of Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank.

8:11 AM - Super size meals, toys in kids' meals, extra large sodas... all are OK in Mississippi, now that the so-called "Anti-Bloomberg Bill" has become law.  Comments from the bill's author Miss. State Senator Tony Smith.

8:41 AM - The annual Wearin' o' the Green is Saturday as the St. Patrick's Day Parade is set to roll.  Who better to talk to than WBRZ News 2's Pat Shingleton.