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6:11 AM - Baton Rouge ranks 2nd in the nation in new HIV cases.  Comments from Rev. A.J. Johnson, CEO and Founder of the Baton Rouge AIDS Society.     

6:41 AM - Supporters of the 2nd Amendment are rallying around the country on Saturday in an event called Guns Across America.  What is being done in Baton Rouge?  We talk with Louisiana State Organizer Jason Wilbur.

7:11 AM - The latest on the controversy involving Manti Te'o, former Notre Dame football star from Fox News Radio's Courtney Kealy.

7:41 AM - Just over 2 weeks to the Super Bowl.  ESPN NFL Analyst Mark Schlereth talks about how to host the ultimate Super Bowl party. He also has his play off and Super Bowl predictions.

8:11 AM - The continuing debate over guns and gun ownership with Rich Johnson of Fox News Radio.

8:41 AM - Taxes on cigarettes could be headed up, again.  Comments from State Rep. Harold Ritchie.