BAYOU CORNE (WBRZ) - In Assumption Parish crews worked today to repair a berm which sunk into the still-growing sinkhole.

The berm is an emergency levee which is supposed to contain the sinkhole.

Crews are dumping sand in a low spot to shore up the damaged area, and Texas Brine officials say they're looking at a new spot to rebuild the berm.

An emergency fix is keeping contaminated water from the sinkhole from escaping into the surrounding marsh.

A Texas Brine spokesperson says the company is currently looking at ways to fix the berm and stop the sinkhole from growing, but parish officials say it's going to take some time and patience.

"I know a lot of smart people working on this trying to figure this out. As an unprecedented event, there's really no books or anything that you can bring up to see what's going to happen. It's just going to have to play itself out," said Assumption Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness manager John Boudreaux.

The portion that collapsed happened on the opposite side of the sinkhole from Highway 70 and the nearby neighborhoods.

Image: WBRZ