PORT ALLEN (WBRZ) - City business was taken care of Wednesday night, with an agenda containing salary talks and Port Allen's budget.

Before diving into the agenda, Mayor Deedy Slaughter and the council went behind closed doors into an executive session to discuss three separate lawsuits involving the City of Port Allen.

The city brought forth overwhelming support in favor of keeping the Mayor in office. This comes days after a recall petition containing over 1,300 signatures was delivered to Governor Bobby Jindal for people wanting Mayor Slaughter recalled.

"Recall don't mean nothing to me," said one man. "I put Mayor Slaughter there, I'm going to keep her there. She's not going nowhere."

Despite the petition, the council agreed on a number of issues tonight, including moving one-step closer to setting the salaries of Port Allen's elected officials.

The 2013-14 city budget also made it to the table. It's been absent for months. Wednesday, the Mayor delivered the brand new document to council members minutes before the meeting's end. A budget Mayor Slaughter is hopeful will pass.

The Mayor and council disagreed on a new city lawyer, months after their lawyer quit. Mayor Slaughter said she interviewed a number of candidates, but the council introduced a new firm tonight. Mayor Slaughter says, she will consider their recommendation.

Image: WBRZ