BAKER (WBRZ)  - Police arrested a Baker woman accused of locking her four daughters out of their home for at least three days.

Baker Police arrested Danielle Kinchen, 25, of

4330 Jefferson St.
on May 16 for child desertion charges.

Investigators said a witness told them they saw the children, all ages 7 or younger, outside and without adults around while their mother wasn't home for at least three days. They also said the girls were wearing the same clothes for multiple days, and at least one of them was seen sleeping outside a nearby trailer. Police said the witnesses also provided pictures to back up their stories.

"There was a few times they would ask me to come use the bathroom, because they'd be locked out, you know they couldn't eat, use the restroom, get nothing to drink, none of that," said a neighbor who wished to remain anonymous.

Investigators also said they saw the children playing outside, barefoot and unsupervised, with dirty clothing which matched what they were wearing in the witness' pictures from a previous day.

The anonymous neighbor told News 2 she once spotted the children sleeping outside early one morning.

"It was a cold morning, it was about , I was getting my kids up for school, and I looked outside and I'd seen the young ones, wrapped up in a blanket on the porch no shoes on, in tank tops," said the neighbor.

Another neighbor refuted the allegations, calling Kinchen a good mother.

"She's a young mother, four kids, unemployed, it's a cry for help. If you want to criticize her, why criticize her when she needs help," said Barbara Pikes.

Police said when they talked to Kinchen in her home they found all the children shared the same room and a single mattress, and the room was so cluttered it couldn't be entered. They said Kinchen denied the claims she left her children alone, and told a Child Protection investigator she simply had "bad kids" according to the police report.

Records show Kinchen was arrested last month for simple battery. That case involved a child in the neighborhood.