BATON ROUGE- An East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Member changed her tune Thursday, about a diploma that was issued to her relative, when she didn't earn it.

It comes after the state conducted a thorough investigation into the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. It found documented cases of cheating, sloppy record keeping, an employee forced to delete emails and cover-ups.

In January Vereta Lee told News 2, called the allegations nonsense.

"I'm going to sue whoever made such allegations and said such things," Lee said in January.

Thursday, Lee said this.

"She had to come back here and enroll in an extra class to make up that credit," Lee said. "She did, but it was after she received a letter from Ms. Atkins saying she missed an elective."

A graduation discrepancy initially kicked off the investigation by the state. The state turned it over to law enforcement and the Legislative Auditor.

Lee claims it wasn't just her relative who got a bad diploma, there were others too.

"It was several students from my understanding who were missing grades, classes, never put on their transcript," Lee said.

The News 2 Investigative Unit obtained hundreds of pages of documents that hi-light allegations of wrongdoing. At least one employee was directed to delete emails by Associate Superintendent Diane Atkins. Others were told not to put things in writing.

"No I wouldn't be okay with deleting anything because it's an act of covering up something," Lee said. "I'm not for that. It needs to be exposed."

When asked if this was disappointing to Lee, she responded, "It is sir, it is."

News 2 showed up at the School Board meeting tonight in hopes of interviewing Superintendent Bernard Taylor. We were told he would not talk to us about our stories.

Image: WBRZ

Diane Atkins was a no show at tonight's meeting.