BATON ROUGE- State Police used the same platform to dispel rumors that has been used to fuel them about a new way to ticket speeding motorists.

Troopers call a picture circulating the Internet showing a speed camera disguised inside a guardrail the "latest and greatest urban legend." The picture shows a steel-looking structure placed in a section of railing containing a camera.

LSP "has received several inquiries... That guardrail speed detection devices are being utilized on I-10 between Baton Rouge and Lafayette. This is NOT TRUE," troopers posted.

"In fact, the Louisiana State Police does not utilize computer operated cameras for speed enforcement anywhere in the state," the post continued.

The I-10 Basin Bridge area is known as a spot where local police and State Police ticket drivers often for driving too fast. The bridge has a posted speed limit of 60 mph. 

Image: WBRZ