ADDIS - Traffic pains in West Baton Rouge, leave businesses and commuters looking for help.

The West Baton Rouge Parish Chamber of Commerce met with the Capitol Area Planning Commission to ask for help with congestion on Hwy 1 near I-10.

"It should be higher than 'priority c' which is a not funded priority in the statewide plan. It is definitely affecting businesses, people decisions on where to locate and where to work in businesses and we are working on coming up with some measures to show what the impact of that is on the community on the West Bank," said CAPC Executive Director, Jamie Setze.

They've also asked drivers to help them contact the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development on their Facebook page. Many say the traffic trouble is hurting business and the potential for growth in the area.

"We're trying to attract people to work were trying to build these plants and make these investments and the state is not coming forward with anything to help us do that," said SNF plant manager Paul West.

Setze said CAPC will advise DOTD to make that section of HWY 1 a higher priority for the state. DOTD says its looking at a surface street study and making it easier for drivers to use Hwy 190.

Image: WBRZ