BATON ROUGE- A woman stumbled upon a group of thugs burglarizing her house Wednesday afternoon.

The victim, Phi Troung, said she does not feel safe anymore. She asked, "It just feels like, 'where are we safe in our city?'"

Troung said she pulled into her garage on Estates Road near the lakes and spooked the three crooks inside. Two ran off, but the third met her face-to-face. Troung told WBRZ News 2 shortly after she ran to her call and called police.

"Our street is so quiet and hardly anyone knows we are back here and to have this happen on a bright daylight... It's spooky," Troung said, still shaken.

"Spooky and sad," she added.

The crooks likely got into her house by breaking out a glass door. They got away with some jewelry. 

In August in this same area, a family reported a similar issue late at night. A man got into their house while they were watching TV in another room and rummaged around until he was found. He ran off and got away, too.

Image: WBRZ