BAYOU CORNE (WBRZ) - The company believed to be responsible for the massive sinkhole in Assumption Parish is behind thousands of dollars in bills. 

According to Assumption Parish officials, the company owes the parish close to $400,000. The costs range from operating the 24-7 command post in Bayou Corne to patrolling the mandatory evacuated area. 

The parish bills Texas Brine every month, but Parish President Marty Triche says they haven'te seen a penny for three months. 

Triche has a message for those officials: either pay up or get out of the parish. 

"We expect our corporate citizens to be responsible citizens. Texas Brine is not a huge tax payer in Assumption Parish, and if you're not going to be responsible, we don't need them," said Marty Triche. 

Texas Brine says the bills are under review.