BAKER - A mom is concerned about where her son will attend school after a teacher was arrested for "yanking" him by his clothes.

"I don't even want him to go back to school," said mom Charity Schofield. "I don't want him back there because I feel like what happened today, they're going to retaliate again."

The 8th grader at Baker Middle School says he was in-between classes when Deborah Anderson, 47, stopped him for his shirt being untucked. The student claims he didn't realize it was untucked.

"She grabbed my arm, and just pulled me back," he said. "So, like, my neck went back. She was standing next to me, but she reached around me and pulled me back."

Chief Mike Knaps said officers charged Anderson with simple battery.

The student was asked by Anderson to stand outside the classroom after he tucked in his shirt. The child called Schofield and told her Anderson "jerked" him by the shirt because he didn't have his shirt properly tucked.

Police said other teachers did not see incident but did see him standing outside "very emotional and upset."

Anderson was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish jail and had a $2,000 bond.

The school district did not return phone calls concerning this story.

Image: WBRZ