SORRENTO- Chief Earl Theriot and his Assistant Chief Ricky Smith have spent the past seven weeks scrambling to find liability insurance to cover their department, but have yet to secure a viable quote.

The Sorrento Police Department lost its coverage last year in November and since has had free protection provided by the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office. That agreement will end on Jan. 7.

Chief Theriot thinks the best way to get a viable quote is to allow companies to bid on insurance for more than just the police department.

"They want to insure the whole town, most insurance companies don't want to insure just the police department, they want to cover the whole town, which the mayor does not want," said Chief Theriot.

Mayor Lambert said he'd have to see a quote before ruling that out, but added the current provider is the best option for the town.

"There is no viable insurance because nobody wants to insure them," said Lambert.

The town will discuss the police issues next Tuesday during their council meeting.

Image: WBRZ