SORRENTO (WBRZ) - After a council meeting that left the town without a functioning police department and granted the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office the right to patrol the town, two elected officials will face a possible recall.

Doris Lee and Ivan Bernuchaux, Jr., took the first steps to begin a recall on councilman Randy Anny this morning. The pair filed their intent to collect signatures for the recall with the Secretary of State's Office, giving them 180 days to collect the 348 signatures necessary to begin a recall election.

"Every meeting I've been to, it turns into arguments, nothing is accomplished, and in order to change, that has to change and I feel that Randy Anny has caused a bunch of these problems," said Lee.

Another resident is already beginning the paperwork needed to file for a recall on Mayor Mike Lambert.

Brian Sisk took issue with a recent council meeting, where the mayor lashed out at the audience, now he wants to put his job back up for a vote.

"I just don't think he's the man for the job, I don't think his apology was very sincere last night, he looked down, he should've addressed the whole crowd, he's done other stuff that was inappropriate, that's not the first time he lashed out or misbehaved," said Sisk.

Sisk plans to file for his recall on Friday.

Both recalls require signatures from one-third of the 1,044 registered voters in the town.

Randy Anny told News 2, "I think I'm doing a decent job, I just want to move the town forward and keep us a viable town, I can't make everyone happy."

Mayor Lambert did not return calls for comment.

Image: WBRZ