BATON ROUGE - Another blow for the Sorrento Police Department came Monday when town officials found out their liability coverage will be terminated on November 19. Risk Management Inc., delivered the news in a meeting with town officials.

"Basically they failed to meet underwriting requirements to maintain their coverage," said Earl Cronin, Risk Management's general manager.

He said two officers hired in December failed to take psychological tests that are required from all officers as terms of the coverage contract.

"Certain hiring provisions they have to go through," said Cronin. "Procedures, certain things to be done in defense of a lawsuit. And they failed to do that on their part."

Police Chief Earl Theriot was nowhere to be found Tuesday for comment. Someone working at the front desk in the police department told News 2 that Chief Theriot wasn't in, and they hadn't heard from him or had any idea when he would return.

Mayor Mike Lambert was reached by telephone Tuesday. He said with no coverage, it doesn't appear financially feasible to keep the police force. The mayor actually favors getting rid of the Sorrento Police Department altogether and bringing in the sheriff's office to police the town.

Ascension Sheriff Jeff Wiley said in a statement that "there will be no interruption of Law Enforcement services should the town police services be curtailed or eliminated."

Wiley said his deputies will only take over policing the town if Chief Theriot resigns and the Sorrento Police Department is eliminated.

Image: WBRZ