PORT ALLEN - The West Baton Rouge Parish Registrar of Voters submitted 1,387 certified signatures to Governor Bobby Jindal Monday, for people wanting Port Allen Mayor Deedy Slaughter recalled.

Organizers only needed to collect 1,273 signatures. The names were turned in to the Registrar of Voters last Tuesday. Parish Registrar Stacy Ryan spent the past week certifying those names and removing the ones that were invalid.

"It was methodical, orderly, we did it within the guidelines for the law for Louisiana," Registrar Stacy Ryan said. "My staff was amazing. Outside support, security, it was a good experience."

After the signatures were turned in to Governor Jindal we reached out to Mayor Deedy Slaughter. She had this message for her supporters.

"I'm not surprised, and not overwhelmed by it," Slaughter said. "I just want to thank my supporters at this time. I appreciate the support they gave me, and know they will continue to give me that support."

Last week, Chairwoman Deloris Kibby and Co-Chair Millie Jackson turned in the names they gathered from the community. Slaughter has been the subject of numerous News 2 investigations since February. Among some of the things we've reported extensively on are: she took a trip to Washington D.C. without any record of conducting city business, fired Port Allen's Chief Financial Officer Audrey McCain, gave herself a pay raise, and continued to meddle in McCain's work after a judge ordered her not to.

Last week Slaughter told News 2 she believed the effort was done because she is black. Organizers have told News 2 since the beginning this hasn't been about race.

"Once a change comes into play you're going to have some backlashes," Slaugther said.

When asked if she still believes race played a role in the recall effort she said, "No comment."

Governor Jindal said he will consult with the State Attorney General about this case. He weighed in on the issue last week.

"If there are 1,273 signatures as required by law, we will issue a proclamation," Jindal said. "That will all have to happen within 15 days, so we will have to move quickly."

Between now and a possible recall election date the Slaughter plans to keep working. She wouldn't say what her plans are if she's removed from office.

Last week, Slaughter said she has plans to counteract the petition, but she wouldn't reveal what those plans are.

Image: WBRZ