LIVINGSTON- Leaders believe roads along I-12 must take priority when it comes to upgrading and rehabilitation so the parish can advance into the future.

Wednesday, Parish President Layton Ricks affirmed Cook Road is at the top of a controversial list deciding which get work first. He was supposed to meet with State Senator Dale Erdy and Livingston Parish Councilman Ricky Goff about the issue, but Goff skipped the meeting he set.

Goff planned the meeting after a debate about road work last week.

Erdy wants things settled and fears if something isn't done Livingston will lose.

"The longer we delay, the longer we put off Cook and Juban widening, the longer we are going to put off the economic benefits of Juban Crossing," Erdy said.

"Cook Road is vital for Juban Crossing," Ricks added. "The developers worked it out years ago when they decided on the mall. So, Cook Road extension has to happen; it will happen," said Ricks.

Juban Crossing has been long delayed and the developer's own deadline recently passed without work happening at the site. But, Thursday the council will discuss finalizing bonds for the project and construction could start days later.