BATON ROUGE - The Investigative Unit uncovered expensive claims against Sorrento officers that were part of the reason the cops are losing liability insurance coverage. The insurance provider, Risk Management said the department is too much of a risk that's why as of Tuesday at midnight they are getting dropped.

Copies of insurance settlements show 26 claims paid out involving the actions of Sorrento cops from 2007 through most of 2013.

Two claims are for bodily injury caused by excessive force. One of those claims from last year totaled $79,000, the other settled in 2010 at a price tag of more than $92,000.

The provider points to too many claims, for such a small force of only five officers. The largest settlement was $506,000. It stemmed from an incident that was settled in 2008 where a person got a pay-off after they were hit by a car.

Most recently in June, a sexual harassment settlement to the tune of more than $78,000.

In all, the liability provider Risk Management has paid out $929,675 in the last several years. The Sorrento town council plans on meeting on the issue Tuesday; the same day, coverage for the police department is dropped.

Image: WBRZ