PORT ALLEN (WBRZ) - Insurance for a new city fire rescue truck has officially been paid.

Port Allen's insurance provider confirms it received a check for $2,383 Monday. The bill has been paid in full.

The truck has been stored at Station 1 since it was delivered last week. The fire department could not insure it. Chief Rick Boudreaux said there was no money left in his line budget to cover the cost. The money is stuck in the city's new budget, which has not been voted on because of a salary disagreement between the mayor and city council members.

Since the mayor dealt with the insurance issue last week, the the chief took the truck out of storage Monday. Some last equipment is being installed, making it ready to run emergency calls.

"We got the proof of insurance certificate this morning," said Chief Boudreaux. "And, put the tuck to use today, or at least starting to put equipment on it."

Ultimately, the payment must come from the fire department's budget.

But, Monday's payment could mean trouble later, since Port Allen's new budget remains in limbo.

Image: WBRZ