BATON ROUGE (WBRZ) - A member of the Republican Party asked the Louisiana Legislative Auditor to peek into the finances of the GOP in the state WBRZ News 2 learned.

The new information came a day after a WBRZ News 2 report about outrage in the party after leaders received a letter asking for financial statements. The auditor said a state law backed the inquiry but party chief Jason Dore' questioned the timing, a few weeks after Republicans fought against a tax plan they believed would raise taxes in the state.

Thursday, it was uncovered that New Orleans lawmaker Nick Lorusso may have prompted the request.

"I just asked the Legislative Auditor who they are suppose to file with... if they had filed it in the last five years... and that was it," Lorusso, a Republican member of the State House of Representatives said.

"My response from the Legislative Auditor was 'no,' and that was my last contact with the auditor," Lorusso said.