DENHAM SPRINGS - A preliminary report by the state fire marshal's office shows that the Cajun Lagoon Water Park is "likely" in violation of the American Disabilities Act, and will be shut down until those issues are resolved.

The Denham Springs water park has been under scrutiny since the drowning of a 14-year-old boy six weeks ago. The owners confirmed  they were closed until next season, and that they were reviewing their facilities in the meantime.

During the accident investigation the state fire marshal's office learned that the water park's owners failed to obtain required approvals for outbuildings like rest room facilities, the kitchen area, and open air pavilions.

Assistant Fire Marshal Brant Thompson says that the water park is not allowed to occupy any of those areas until its facilities are fully reviewed, effectively shutting the park down. Cajun Lagoon's website indicates that this past weekend was the last weekend the park would be open for this season.

It could take the fire marshal's office up to 10 days to review Cajun Lagoons facilities to see if the park has adequate needs for those with disabilities.

A Livingston Parish Sheriff's office investigation showed no criminal wrongdoing on the part of the water park's owners.

Story courtesy of News 2