BAYOU CORNE (WBRZ) - Work is underway to repair a breached berm surrounding the Assumption Parish sinkhole.

The berm gave way in five places after waves of heavy rain last week. Texas Brine officials said they had to wait for water to go down to do the repairs.

The wall of sand is in place to contain any oily water from the sinkhole. The berm failure caused water from the nearby bayou to flood into the sinkhole.

Meanwhile, residents still waiting for Texas Brine to finish the buyout process said they are starting to lose patience.

"We don't know how much life we have so we don't want to waste it sitting around," said Pat Parks.

Texas Brine said the cause of the delay is due to legal issues the company is currently sorting through. There's no word on how long the process will take.

IMAGE: Assumption Parish Police Jury