BATON ROUGE (WBRZ)  - Local and State Police promise to be out in full force to catch people driving drunk this holiday weekend.

"We know individuals are out there driving irresponsibly," said Baton Rouge Police Sgt. L'Jean McKneely.

Starting Tuesday night through the Fourth of July weekend, the department will man more checkpoints than usual and stop more cars to check for people who shouldn't be driving.

"We don't want you to know where we're at or what days we're doing it. But we do want you to know we will be out there," Sgt. McKneely said.

After the holiday weekend, drivers will notice more checkpoints and patrols.

Mother's Against Drunk Driving support the effort and defend it from people who call it a "gotcha attack."

"It's not like the police are trying to sneak up on somebody and catch them like that," said La. MADD Executive Director Floyd Johnson. "I would say it's a very viable part of getting drunk drivers off the street."

Along with Baton Rouge Police, State Police will add more checkpoints across Louisiana to target potentially deadly drunk drivers.

The extra manpower for the departments are paid through state and federal grants.

Image: WBRZ