WALKER - A teenager, accused of killing his mother, lived his life like nothing happened for three days after the crime police said Thursday.

Eddie Island was charged with the murder of his mother, Tamila Wooley, 34. Her body was found New Year's Day. Police believe she was killed Sunday. Island shot her in the chest several times while she slept, police said.

After the murder, he's accused of taking his mother's car on joyrides to friends' houses around the area and even shopping in Baton Rouge, according to Capt. John Sharp.

"We uncovered information that he had been playing basketball one afternoon," Sharp said. "He was just kind of hanging out with friends, moving around a little bit from the time of the shooting until the time he was arrested [Thursday morning]."

Officers said the only time Island came back to his house was to take care of his eleven-year-old brother, who suffered with autism, and two-year-old sister. After Island tended to them, police said he would tell his siblings their mom was sick and he would leave again.

WBRZ News 2 uncovered Island posted a picture of himself smiling to the social media website Instagram an hour before police arrested him.

A week ago, Island also posted a picture of his new tattoo across his chest which displayed the name 'Tamila' surrounded by doves.

A former friend of Island, Janson Singh, described him as a regular kid who never lost his temper but did have issues at home.

"From what he's told me, this is just from what he's told me. She was neglectful to him and his little brother, apparently he has a little sister who didn't live with him at the moment. She didn't really feed him. He was always hungry going to friends houses and eating there. He never really had money to get food. Just stuff like that," Singh said.

Island is being charged as an adult and has confessed. Police are not sure where the gun came from but have said it was not the victim's.

The two children found at the home are with child services.

Image: WBRZ