BATON ROUGE - The man accused of running down a homeless person in Baton Rouge and then fleeing the scene apologized after his arrest Monday.

"I apologize, and I'm sincerely sorry," said 21-year-old Carl McKnight as he was being booked into the parish jail.

Baton Rouge Police charged him with felony hit and run, insurance fraud, obstruction, and driving without a license for the incident Sunday night which killed 45-year-old Troy Jacobson.

Investigators also arrested the owner of the vehicle, 29-year-old Eric Abrams, on suspicion of being an accessory to insurance fraud and obstruction. Police said Abrams and McKnight tried to file a false insurance claim after McKnight ran Jacobson down.

A Baton Rouge body shop worker told News 2 he called police after seeing a car matching the description of the suspect vehicle in their lot Monday morning. The worker said Abrams dropped off the damaged car, then went next door to a rental place to get another vehicle. Police detained Abrams at the rental agency, and later arrested McKnight.

Investigators said Jacobson was crossing the 1-10 East exit ramp at College Drive Sunday night when McKnight hit him in Abram's car. Police said McKnight then fled the scene down College Drive.

People who knew Jacobson said he'd been living on the streets of Baton Rouge for 14 years. His friend Vickie Winters told News 2 she gave him a place to stay, clothes, and a job for eight months, but eventually Jacobson went back to living on the street.

"He was a good guy," Winters said. "He needed some help, more than the streets were giving him. But he could've had a good life if he could've gotten off the streets."

Police said they're still finishing their investigation into the crash.

Image: WBRZ