BATON ROUGE- The reopening of the Jetson Juvenile Center for Youth could become a reality soon, as money is being spent to begin the design and development phase.

The facility closed in January, when 76 youths were moved in secret during the middle of the night. It was shut down due to safety concerns.

The new plan would be based off of a therapeutic model. It would include the following: eight buildings, a campus complex of 100 acres, dormitories that would house 72 youth and a number of administrative and maintenance areas.

Luke Thompson has lived across the street from Jetson for nearly two decades.

"Every now and then I would catch one that would come over who broke out," Thompson said.

He thought his troubles were over when the juveniles moved out, but over the weekend he had to call the cops when he heard strange noises.

"The people that work there were having a hoodoo in one of the buildings over there," Thompson said. "The music was so loud, you could not sleep."

Thompson says if the kids come back, he won't be taking any chances.

"I know how to take care of myself," Thompson said. "I never had to shoot nobody or nothing."

If all goes as planned money could come to build the new facility next year.

Image: WBRZ