WALKER (WBRZ) - Livingston Parish council members are at odds about a parish wide overlay project to repaved neglected roads.

"I feel like it was a stab in the back," councilman Chance Parent said at a recent meeting.

He was caught off guard when parish president Layton Ricks contracted an engineer for the overlay project without council approval.

"It kind of took us for a loop and things got a little heated and hopefully we can come to some sort of agreement to lay some asphalt on the ground," he said.

But councilwoman Joan Landry disagreed and backed Ricks decision.

"The parish president has that authority. I have not seen any case law that says the parish council has that authority," Landry said.

The parish has nearly $3.8 million for the project that is expected to start in October or November.

But Parent does not think the disagreement is not slowing things down.

"We're right on track so hopefully we will get some resolution and get some work done," Parent said.

The council will discuss the direction of the project and if they will keep the already contracted engineer at Tuesday's meeting.