BAKER - A group of parents demanded peace and an end to violence during a march in Baker Saturday.

The group called Parents Against Violent Exposures, or PAVE, hit the pavement with one goal.

"We feel that trying to draw attention and awareness, hoping that other parents will see the significance of it and also see that we want peace. It's a time for peace, and it's a time for the community leaders and parents to come together," said Tresa Jones.

PAVE started a few months back, but its cause gained steam after three teens were killed at a Baker birthday party two weeks ago.

"This was so tragic and so senseless that it ignited a fire within us, and for ourselves and other parents, if you're not angry about this, you ought to be hurt by it," said Jones.

Pastors, ministers, parents, Baker High School cheerleaders and Baker Police Chief Mike Knapps attended the walk.

 But we're also here to give the other families opportunities to have a better choice for them and for their children so they don't have to be exposed to this violence," said Knapps.

With each step and chant PAVE hopes to deliver its important message to the youth and their parents.

"Violence is really not the answer, cause we're losing too many of our young people to violence. Before their life even begins we're losing them, and that's not what we want. We want people to live a good life and a healthy life, and that's not going to happen if we don't get it taken care of and nip it in the bud," said youth minister John Vick.

PAVE organizers say they plan to hold more events within the community to tackle violence.

Image: WBRZ