BATON ROUGE - Groups are calling on Governor Jindal to stand firm in his support of Common Core standards. The governor recently flip-flopped, backing off supporting the same standards he once endorsed.

Parents and educators are trying to show the governor the strength in their numbers by delivering a petition with over 5,000 signatures Wednesday at the Capitol.

"We want him to focus on Louisiana," said Yolanda Braxton, a mother of three students in East Baton Rouge Public Schools. "He's our governor here in Louisiana."

Braxton said Jindal is putting political ambition over what's best for the state's children.

'I think the governor's decision has been very political," Braxton said. "I think it's more political for him running for president."

Common Core standards were adopted four years ago. Until recently, Jindal was a strong supporter of the standards developed to help students compete nationally. The governor's reversal has some educators worried.

"Pulling out of the Common Core now would be a mistake because we're finally starting to see the results of it," said B.J. Bertucci, a teacher at St. Amant High School.

Some educators also said that the fruits of their hard work are in jeopardy if the state pulls out too fast.

"We have worked tirelessly developing unit plans, getting units together, in order to teach these standards," said Lauren Trahan, Iberia Parish teacher. "We've been working since 2010."

A statement from Governor Jindal's office said he looks forward to working with legislators to address education concerns.

Image: WBRZ