WHITE CASTLE (WBRZ ) - A White Castle Police Officer is under investigation after he was involved in a crash with three other cars, but left the scene.

It happened Friday on Cambre Street in White Castle. The Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office showed up at the scene to investigate, and noticed the officer who caused the crash was missing.

The Sheriff's Office identified the White Castle Officer as Shaderick Jones. Investigators said he smashed into the back of one car, which caused a chain reaction.

Vernon Jones' two daughters were in one of the cars the White Castle Cruiser hit.

"My daughter said they were waiting for traffic to pass, and all of a sudden they heard like a tornado vroooom, loud sound," Jones said.

News 2 waited for nearly three hours to talk to Police Chief Mario Brown. He contacted us on the phone and said he wouldn't comment on whether the officer would face disciplinary action.

The Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office said it's against procedure to leave the scene of a crash if their deputies are involved in one. When a deputy showed up to investigate, he wanted to know where the officer was and where was the crashed cruiser. They were told the officer drove to police headquarters after the crash to take a drug test.

However, people familiar with the White Castle Police Department and a town councilman said drug tests are not administered at the White Castle Police Department. It's leading to even more questions about why the officer left the scene.

Jones believes his family and two daughters are owed an explanation.

"I could have very easily lost my two daughters in that," Jones said. "He hit the car and burst the gas tank, could have very easily exploded. The most important thing is I did not lose those two kids in that incident. He needs to be disciplined."

The Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office said it did not cite the officer for the wreck or for leaving the scene. The crash remains under investigation.

Image: WBRZ