WALKER (WBRZ) - A Walker Police officer accused of hitting a rape suspect while they were in custody recently ran into trouble with past law enforcement agencies for using excessive force.

Livingston Parish Sheriff's deputies arrested James Dipuma, 32, after they said he hit Raymond Robison, 19, while Robison was in custody on suspicion of aggravated rape. They also said Dipuma didn't stop one of the victim's family members, 45-year-old Charles Madgett, from hitting him Robison as well.

Investigators said Dipuma made the arrest on July 24, and sheriff's deputies arrested him on July 30 after completing their investigation into the rape.

Sheriff Jason Ard said he fired Dipuma six months ago for conduct unbecoming of an officer, but wouldn't go into specifics about that conduct.

In 2009 Dipuma resigned from the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office after an incident where a suspect was injured while in his custody. He was also suspended in 2005 and reassigned after admitting that he put his foot on a suspect's neck and head to hold them down, and also kicked the suspect in the head.

Walker Police Chief Marliam Lee said Dipuma is on desk duty while they conduct an internal review of the recent incident.

Image: LPSO