GONZALES- The new GW Carver Primary School on Cornerview is just days away from welcoming its first students.

The school will replace the old campus, where renovations weren't cost effective.

Today, crews worked to pack up the last of the school as students continue to learn despite the move.

"Our teaching is still top notch, our kids are still meeting expectations, we have not missed a beat," said Latatia Johnson, the principal at Carver.

Over the weekend, teachers will set up their classrooms in the new school, but the excitement is already setting in.

"The technology is gonna be there, it's gonna be a beautiful building, the kids are gonna be so excited, I just think it's gonna be a totally different feel," said Dot Castello, who teaches at the school. "They're gonna get in there, they're gonna know that that new school is theirs, they're gonna want to learn, we think that the achievement will go up just from being in a nice beautiful building."

The school was paid for by a $100 million bond extension passed by voters in 2009.

Image: WBRZ