BATON ROUGE (WBRZ) - Two men almost struck it rich Tuesday morning when they found thousands of dollars worth of scratch off lottery tickets scattered in the road.

Mike Haviland and his coworker were driving on Industriplex Blvd. when they noticed stacks of unscratched $10 tickets everywhere.

"There's that intersection of moral dilemma," said Haviland. "Like, now that they're in the vehicle, what happens next? You're thinking about your bills, you're thinking about what am I going to pay off?"

Haviland says that moral dilemma was quickly decided and they called the lottery office to tell them about their discovery.

Louisiana Lottery said the tickets were in transit from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, and are worthless until they're scanned in by a retailer.

"You can't claim any prizes from those games," said Kimberly Choplin with Louisiana Lottery.

The lottery doesn't know how the tickets ended up in the roadway, but the rest of the shipment made it to the final destination.

Over 100 tickets were not turned to lottery officials and remain missing. The lottery reminds players to only purchase tickets from a licensed retailer.

Image: WBRZ