BATON ROUGE - The Miss USA pageant is printing new programs after a typo was discovered on a page featuring Miss Louisiana.

Locals notice the error at Wednesday's preliminary event where a picture spells "Louisianna" next to a picture of Brittany Guidry, Miss Louisiana.

The pageant's media staff was not aware of the misspelling until WBRZ News 2 brought the mistake to their attention. The organization was embarrassed by the error.

Officials scrambled to fix the problem and called Baton Rouge-based printing company Vivid Ink to help.

"Things like this happen all the time and if we screw up, we just acknowledge it and fix it," Vivid Ink owner Stephen St. Cyr said. "And if someone else screws up, we just acknowledge it and fix it."

An out-of-state company is responsible for the typo.

Vivid Ink employees will work overnight Thursday and much of the day Friday to print 1000 new and mistake-free books.

"Primarily because this event is being held in Louisiana, this is not the type of typo you want to make," Vivid Ink's general manager Mark Goodson said.

The competition is being held at the Baton Rouge River Center Sunday at 7 p.m.

Image: WBRZ