BATON ROUGE - An East Baton Rouge Metro Council member will propose privatizing the Capital Area Transit System at an upcoming meeting.

Councilman John Delgado told News 2 he's authored a resolution to dissolve the system, which will go before the council on Sept. 11. He said the system's money and assets would be transferred to the parish, which would then put the entire system up for bid to be operated by a private company.

The measure would require legislative approval, if it passes the Metro Council.

The bus system suffered multiple resignations recently, leaving only six of the nine board positions filled. The most recent member to resign, entrepreneur Jared Loftus, said during his tenure he witnessed another board member engaging in criminal activity and attempting to keep it from the public.

Loftus also called for the rest of the CATS board to step down, saying it was impossible for the system to move forward in its current form.

The system is being investigated for a fare collection glitch which could have misplaced more than $100,000 over three years. System CEO Bob Mirabito also revealed recently system workers chartered transportation to a Hornets game without following proper bid procedures, which could lead to federal grants being taken away.

Story courtesy of News 2