PORT ALLEN (WBRZ) - New security measures are in place at Port Allen City Hall one week after the cops were called on a News 2 crew.

Inside city hall, a brand new sign reads, "Attention, Restricted access beyond this point. Please check in and register at customer service window for access to the 2nd and 3rd floor."

A secretary in the Mayor's office said we were trespassing in the public building when we went to ask questions about the Legislative Auditor's report.

The mayor's office is located on the second floor of city hall, and the city council chambers are located on the third floor. People who enter the public building are forced to sign in, list who they are visiting, what company they are from, the time they arrived, and the purpose of the visit.

News 2 checked with at least six other municipalities in our area, and none of require visitors to sign in to go to the council chambers, even on days when there are no meetings.

"There's nothing that has happened to spur this on," Councilman Hugh Riviere said.

On Monday News 2 tried to interview Mayor Deedy Slaughter, but she refused to come down and talk to us.

"Mr. Nakamoto, she said no," a worker inside City Hall said.

We also wanted to ask Slaughter about the city budget that wasn't passed last week. Today is the first day of the new budget year, and the old budget was rolled over.

Tomorrow Slaughter will appear in court after three members of the city council sued her.