BATON ROUGE - A judge in Baton Rouge ruled today that the man accused of gunning down two coworkers in 2009 was competent to stand trial.

Richard Matthews is accused of killing two women at Grady Crawford Construction 2009. Dianna Tullier and Cheryl Boykin died in the shooting, and a third woman was wounded.

Restrained and shackled, Matthews listened as Judge Tony Marabella ruled him mentally competent to assist his defense attorneys. District Attorney Hillar Moore remained steadfast in his office's promise to seek the maximum penalty.

"There is no offer from the state whatsoever," Moore said. "We're proceeding with death penalty."

Moore was at the crime scene back in 2009 when, just days before Christmas, Matthews allegedly shot the three people at Grady Crawford Construction in Baton Rouge.

"Having been there myself and seeing it, it's a difficult scene," Moore said. "But he's surely presumed innocent and we accept our burden and will go forward on that."

Shortly after the shooting investigators said Matthews confessed, accepting responsibility. He later told reporters he's ready to die for the shooting.

"I'm going to give my life up for it," Matthews was heard saying previously to reporters. "I'm going to die for it. I don't mind dying for it."

Even with a confession, Moore says his office will have a tough job winning a conviction and adequate punishment in the case.

"I haven't had any easy case for life imprisonment or death penalty," Moore said. "(They're) all very different."

Matthews is due back in court on Oct. 20.

Image: WBRZ