PORT ALLEN - A woman died as she was being rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound Monday.

She had been shot at a trailer park in West Baton Rouge. Hours after she died, deputies were still searching for the killer.

Investigators said a man shot the unidentified woman at Dude's Trailer Park off U. S. Highway 190.

A man sitting across the street watched the crime unfold and called 9-1-1. He said it started with a single gun shot.

"Then another shot went off," he said. "Then I see a black dude come running out the trailer and run into the street. Then he run back up in [the trailer] and shot two or three more times."

He said the man drove off in a truck while he watched the victim fall down her steps and collapse on the ground. Chris Reech says the woman was a good person and the man who shot her does not live nearby.

"I don't know what to do," said Reech. "I'm kind of skeptical about my nerves right now."

Deputies are not sure if the victim and suspect had a relationship, but Sgt. Carl Jarrett believes the man likely robbed the woman.

Neighbors said think the shooter was after a recently chased check the victim may have been carrying.

"Just an opportunist, I guess. He must have been a guy, had a pistol on him, and seen her cashing a check and followed her home," Reech said.

Deputies said a dog was also shot during the ordeal and the shooter fled in a green pickup.

Image: WBRZ