BATON ROUGE - Deputies are searching for a man accused of suffocating a family dog with a Cheetos bag.

Shaun Parsons, 23, of Baton Rouge faces aggravated cruelty to animal charges. Parsons was renting a room with April Sarau and her family on Goodland Dr. near Greenwell Springs Blvd. Parsons and Sarau are family friends from Tennessee.

Sarau rescued a dog, Sport, for her four-year-old son in December. According to a warrant, Parsons became irate when Sport ripped his couch.

He texted a picture of the couch to Sarau blaming the dog and soon after, sent another text saying "your dog is dead", East Baton Rouge sheriff's office investigators say.

The dog suffocated in the potato chip bag.

After an investigation, deputies believed Parsons suffocated Sport.

"He was not a bad dog at all," Sarau said. "He was just a puppy. He was so innocent. He was just a baby."

Investigators found feces near the torn couch and footprints leading to Parsons bedroom where the dog was found.

Deputies have attempted to contact Parsons several times, according to the warrant.

Image: WBRZ