BATON ROUGE (WBRZ)  - A teen with cancer said he wanted to have a bacon cheeseburger with Les Miles, so Make-A-Wish made it happen.

Joe Wuellner, the ultimate Tiger Fan, flew in from St. Louis, MO, to meet Miles for dinner Wednesday night. The 15-year-old is living with a brain tumor and currently going through chemotherapy treatment.

Arriving by limousine with his family, Wuellner sat at the best table in TJ Ribs restaurant, next to Miles' radio show desk. Miles arrived fashionably late for his radio show just in time for dinner.

"He was supposed to share a burger with me, the bad news is I ate fast, or I ate slow, but when I came back my burger was gone and I kind of suspect Joe had my burger," joked Miles.

Wuellner said he did no such thing. But, he did sit and exchange stories with the coach for an hour during commercial breaks. Wuellner was able to provide words of encouragement for the next season.

"You could easily be the number one team in the nation," Wuellner told Miles.

Wuellner realized his dream had come true. He said, "I'm kind of in shock, I'm sitting next to Coach Miles."

The Thanksgiving wish doesn't end there. Wuellner and his family will join Miles on the field Friday for the final home game of the LSU season against Arkansas.

WBRZ Sports 2 anchor Michael Cauble also had Wuellner join him to co-host Wednesday's 10 o'clock sports segment.

Image: WBRZ