BATON ROUGE  WBRZ) - LSU celebrated the Great American Smoke Out by announcing its shift to become a smoke-free campus.

Earlier this year Governor Jindal approved Act 211, which requires all colleges in Louisiana to have a smoke-free policy by August OF 2014. Smoking Words and Fresh Campus, the groups behind LSU's move to a smoke-free campus, want the air cleared by the beginning of the next school year.

"I think if they have areas for them to be able to do it, I think it would be better than just banning smoking, because I know a lot of kids especially when they study for finals and stuff they get stressed out, they turn to smoking for that," says LSU student Matthew Sirgo.

School officials are still trying to figure out what they'll consider 'campus', though. They have no intentions to create designated smoking areas.

"Like our library for example, it's impossible to go in and out without being exposed to second-hand smoke, and then we also have a fairly major litter issue, because people drop their butts everywhere. So, this will go a long way to saving LSU a lot of money and making us a healthier community," says Judith Sylvester, director of Smoking Words.

Many students told us they're happy about the change. Some smokers told News 2 they understand the concern, but don't agree with a completely smoke-free campus.

Image: WBRZ