BATON ROUGE (WBRZ) - Just days ahead of the Independence Day fireworks show, the USS KIDD war memorial was forced to remove explosive black powder being held on the ship.

"This inspection was the result of two phone calls we received, our hazmat unit received, into potential violations into the storing of black powder on the USS Kidd," La. State Police Sgt. JB Slaton said.

Last week, inspectors combed the ship and found at least 25 pounds of black powder onboard not attended by a licensed official.

"The inspector made sure the black powder was removed from the boat," Slaton said.

State law defines an explosive as "a term that powder in quantities in excess of 5 pounds," and "explosives must be maintained" by someone with a special license.

For the USS Kidd, the licensed official was off-site, not on the ship. The official is only supposed to have the black powder onboard during reenactments, never stored on the ship even though it was.

"It was nothing that we were concerned about but they felt we should have none. But that's really all I can tell you about it," USS Kidd Executive Director Maury Drummond said.

Other than the black powder, the ship passed the inspection with flying colors. Inspector never wrote a report and no citation nor fine was handed out.

Drummond promised to not have the same black powder mishap again.

"We're going to stay in compliance with state police," he said.

The black powder was onboard for the reenactment demostrations, Drummond said. He did not know how long the powder was there.

The official will bring the powder back onboard for Thursday's show.