LIVINGSTON (WBRZ) - Parish leaders are not sure what the future holds dealing with handling Gustav debris cleanup since arbitrators ruled in FEMA's favor.

Following a week-long hearing in May, the group released Monday the federal government should not cover $59 million in costs related to the 2008 storm. The panel said the cleanup, performed by many local businesses, didn't qualify for FEMA money.

Wednesday, Parish President Layton Ricks met with lawyers to discuss the issue. But, some members of the parish council feel they've been left out of the loop during the entire process.

"It's just a question of whether we're going to more forward or if we're all just going to throw up our hands and say 'we didn't get nothing' and go our separate ways," said councilman Ricky Goff.

Everything is still speculative to the council, concerned about who's going to pay the millions owed.

"The parish doesn't have the money to pay [debris contractors]," said Goff. Livingston Parish may not be obligated to pay, at all.

There is a council meeting set for next week to discuss the next step for the parish.

Image: WBRZ